A Quick Update and Jaz’s Own Facebook-based Book Club!

Jaz Primo Facebook Book Club - Feb 2018.jpg

How’s 2018 going for you thus far? Very well, I hope!

For me, 2018 has been a real whirlwind, and I’ve been up to a lot since we last visited.

Many of you know that I’m an adjunct professor of history for a local community college, and that I’ve taught for over a decade or more. However, what you may not know is that, since the end of December, I’ve worked feverishly to set up and configure a totally ONLINE version of my history class! It’s been a real eye-opening challenge, because I’m used to gearing my material for an “in person” class of students sitting before me. I’ve had to write out all of my verbal lectures, as well as prepare discussion topics for grading students instead of merely talking directly to them during my normal lectures. Also, I’ve had to set up quizzes and online exams, which I normally conduct “in person”, so I’m learning how to set those up inside Brightspace D2L. That has mainly kept me from a lot of social media time, as I have to work on the project around my full-time day job and teaching my traditional in-person history class a couple of evenings each week. My online class is only eight weeks, and kicks off the last week of March.

I’ve also been playing Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition) with friends. Usually, I reserve one Saturday a month for that. Thus far, I’ve had a blast! My characters include a magic-casting Eldritch Knight (Jango Frette), a magic-casting Halfling Bard (Drinarius “Drin” Gildenberry), and a brusque fighter (Tankert “Tank” Glaive). We have an amazingly creative and talented dungeon master, as well. (Huzzah, Juan Carlos!) I can’t properly convey how much fun it has been, and it’s rekindled a love for the game since my teen years when I last played.

On other occasional weekends, I’ve played a couple of board games with friends, including Talisman and Lords of Waterdeep. Both are medieval fantasy-based, and carry that D&D flair about them, which makes them equally engaging. Also, you can start and finish a game on a single evening, where the D&D campaigns may go a few sessions before resolution.

Finally, I have BIG NEWS to share! Thanks to the efforts of three talented and creative ladies, there is NOW a new group page available in Facebook called “The Jaz Primo Official Book Club”. It just went live this past week, in fact. The creators and administrators of the new group are: Tiffany Grevemberg, Virginia Maloyed, and Michelle Holloway Chaisson. They have created a truly impressive group where you can share your thoughts about my novels with other readers, as well as talk about similar authors/works that might interest fans and supporters of my works. I even pop in to say hello or answer questions, if posed. I encourage you to check it out and join the page as soon as possible. Click HERE to go there now! (There's also a link to it from the official Jaz Primo Facebook fan page located at HERE.)

Take a look and let me know what you think about it. I’m really excited for you to see it!

Well, that’s all for now, but I’ll return again soon to tell you more about what I’m up to. Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.