A Quick Update in June

Hello Everyone!

Summer is upon us and things are heating up here in my part of the country. 

Good news for bargain book hunters! A number of my ebooks have new pricing. Just click on the "BOOKS" menu for quick purchase links. Here's a quick breakdown on the titles with revised pricing...

Bringer of Fire (The Logan Bringer Series, Book 1) -- $ 2.99
Bringer Unleashed (The Logan Bringer Series, Book 2) -- $ 3.99
Wicked Sunset (Sunset Vampire Series Book 4) -- $ 4.99
Sunset Rising (Sunset Vampire Series Book 5) -- $ 4.99

There's a quick update concerning my latest writing projects under the "WHAT I'M WRITING" menu on the website.

Enjoy your summer, and I hope to see you very soon with a legitimate blog post. Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.

Holidays and the Time-Space Vortex

Holidays and the Time-Space Vortex

What is it about the holidays that causes time to accelerate to preposterous speeds?

Wasn’t it Thanksgiving only a couple of days ago?! Only a Timelord with a Tardis could manipulate time that quickly. Despite the disruption to the time-space vortex, I have nonetheless managed to complete each of the key requirements of the yuletide season…

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