What’s On Your Fall Must-Watch List?



Autumn has arrived, and yet, it was just Labor Day only a handful of days ago. Where does the time go?

I know where some of it has gone. During the weekend of September 18 – 20, I attended the annual writers’ conference at Rose State College. My lovely publicist, Vicki Rose, flew down to attend the event with me. Both of us had a marvelous time, and I met a number of wonderful authors, both previously-published and aspiring. On top of that, all four of my session presentations were successful, and I hope that the materials I presented were helpful to the attendees. Between William Martin, Mel Odom, and William Bernhardt, there were more than enough talented authors present for attendees to glean helpful insights into writing and publishing.

Aside from the writers’ conference, I’m engaged in a number of diversions and projects. For one, I’m actively working to respond to the recommendations and edits from my editor, Laura, on my upcoming Bringer Unleashed, which is still scheduled for a November release date. For another, the season premieres for a litany of television shows has begun in earnest. Personal enjoyment aside, it’s important for artists to rejuvenate and fill their creative wells, which TV shows are great at stimulating inside me.

Here’s a number of the MUST-WATCH television shows that I’m dedicating my viewing hours to:


The Bastard Executioner

Big Bang Theory


Deadliest Catch

Doctor Who


The Flash

Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares


Hell's Kitchen

Heroes Reborn

Last Week with John Oliver

Legends of Tomorrow

Lost Girl

Marvel's Agents of Shield


The Muppets

Star Wars Rebels


The Vampire Diaries

The Walking Dead

Which MUST-WATCH programs are on you watch list?

In addition, daytime career and after-hours endeavors as a history professor have kept me very busy. On the topic of teaching, I have a really good complement of history students this semester. However, the jury’s still out on whether or not they’ll be interested in receiving extra credit for coming to class in costumes on Wednesday, October 28th. That will be an excellent litmus test on how awesome they are. We’ll see…

Jaz YouTube Channel

Another endeavor that I’m putting energy into is my official YouTube Channel at CLICK HERE. There's already 27 subscribers, but I am anxious to see that number grow, so please sign up now.

My Official Jaz Primo Videos playlist is at CLICK HERE. If you haven’t watched my latest YouTube video for the week of September 20th, please watch it now at CLICK HERE.

Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.

Late Summer Sunflowers

Sunflowers of late September. (Photos by Jaz Primo, Sept. 2014)

Sunflowers of late September. (Photos by Jaz Primo, Sept. 2014)

Fall is my favorite time of year. While enjoying the cool early-autumn breeze during one of my recent neighborhood aerobic walks, I welcomed the long-overdue cooler temperatures and overcast skies. Then I caught sight of some sunflowers in the waning stages of bloom and it generated a momentary wave of nostalgia. While I’m no fan of my state’s oppressive summer heat and humidity, I appreciate the beauty found in those vibrant sunflowers. They reminded me of Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic and mesmerizing sunflower paintings.

 My reflections were accompanied by the realization that with autumn’s arrival, everything was preparing to go dormant in anticipation of the winter. Though, at least in my portion of the country, winter is more than what the majority of the nation calls autumn. Honestly, this is a state of hard weather that matches the hard character of many of its residents; hard and unrelenting. But, I digress. Nevertheless, I considered the passage of time and how, like the sunflowers, our lives are marked by the increasingly swiftly-passing seasons. Then it reminded me how quickly time passes and how we should savor beautiful moments when they occur. As such, I savored the view of the sunflowers as I reveled in the early days of fall.

Sunflowers of late summer. (Photo by Jaz Primo, Sept. 2014)

Sunflowers of late summer. (Photo by Jaz Primo, Sept. 2014)

And now for a quick update on how my new kitty, Tabby, is doing. My little furry tyke is taking nicely to her new home, complete with toys, multiple carpeted places to perch, and no less than two healthy dry kitten foods. She also made her first visit to one of the best cat specialty veterinarians in the central part of our state. Dr. Edwards and her kind staff were immediately smitten with Tabby, who seemed to appreciate the attention. Oh, and as with all kittens, Tabby has a curiosity streak a mile long. As you can see from the photo below, she has a strong affiliation toward recycling. In fact, she inspects the basket’s contents herself to ensure that it’s appropriate for recycling. But then, that’s kittens for you.

Tabby in the recycling basket. (Photo by Jaz Primo, Sept. 2014)

Tabby in the recycling basket. (Photo by Jaz Primo, Sept. 2014)

Enjoy autumn, and take a moment to gaze at the waning summer flowers.