(July 8, 2018) It's hard to believe that the summer is already half over. That being said, I'm pleased to announce that I have completed the initial draft of the second book in my new urban fantasy detective series! I'm very proud of how it turned out, and I'm developing content and story for the third book. However, I suspect that significant writing won't occur on that manuscript until after I've worked through the 6th Sunset Vampire novel (Sunset Burning). My thanks and gratitude to Sunset Vampire fans, who have been so patient and supportive during the past couple of years.

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(June 1, 2018) I'm stunned that it's been so long since my last update post here! I'm very close to completing the second book in my new urban fantasy detective series. The first book is undergoing pre-editing processes now, and I remain hopeful for its release later this year (2018). I'm very excited for readers to see it! Next, I will definitely move forward on the 6th Sunset Vampire novel (Sunset Burning). It has undergone story line and plot development since last year, so I'm not exactly starting from scratch with it. My hope is for a 2019 release. *crossing my fingers*

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(September 17, 2017) I'm so happy that I've finished the initial draft of my latest manuscript, which is the first book in a new urban fantasy detective series. Next, I'll forward the document to my publicist, Vicki, and select beta readers for their feedback. If their feedback is positive, I'll forward the manuscript to my editor. Hopefully, it can be released sometime in 2018. Next, I'm continuing my work on the 6th book in my Sunset Vampire Series called Sunset Burning.

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(July 2, 2017) I'm actively completing the initial rough draft of my latest manuscript. (So happy!) It's a new project that I'll describe in more detail in my forthcoming newsletter, so be sure to subscribe if you haven't already. Next, I'm returning to the Sunset Burning (book 6) manuscript for my Sunset Vampire series.


(April 3, 2017) While most of 2016 was highly unproductive due to a number of personal concerns, this year (2017) has been much more fruitful. I'm actively reengaged with the Sunset Burning (book 6) manuscript, and I'm working on new material for a new series that has been brewing in my imagination since last year. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter in the "Jaz's Blog" area (located at the right side of the screen) to keep up to date on my latest progress and releases. At my current pace, I hope that Sunset Burning will be ready for release sometime in 2018. Thank you so very much for your patience!


(May 8, 2016) Thus far, 2016 hasn't been the most productive year for creative writing. However, I'm now working on multiple writing projects, including: Sunset Burning (Sunset Vampire series, book 6), Bringer's Law (Logan Bringer series, book 3), and a yet untitled standalone zombie novel set in the 1860s during the American Civil War. Wish me luck, and thank you so much for your continued patience and support. It means so much to me!


(October 4, 2015) The final edit for my upcoming Bringer Unleashed novel is nearly completed. The novel should be ready for release in November 2015 and the pre-release links should go live in the next week or so. Keep checking my BOOKS area for links and be sure to sign up for my Jaz Very Occasional Newsletter on the lower right side of this web page if you haven't already in order to receive the latest release information.


(July 2, 2015) This month, I'll send my Bringer Unleashed manuscript to my editor, Laura. I've also begun the storyboarding process for manuscript development for future projects, including Sunset Burning (Book #6 in the Sunset Vampire series) and Bringer's Law (Book #3 in the Logan Bringer urban fantasy series). There are also other projects that I've been preparing world creation and storyboarding for, including an alternate history fantasy novel set during the American Civil War and a medieval-styled fantasy series.


(June 1, 2015) The initial draft is complete for Bringer Unleashed (Book #2 in the Logan Bringer urban fantasy series) and I'm preparing the manuscript for professional editing by Laura in July.

Other big news: The professional edit has been completed by Laura for Sunset Rising (Book #5 in the Sunset Vampire series). Pre-production layout begins immediately.


(March 19, 2015) Big news! This week, I completed the manuscript for Sunset Rising (Book #5 in the Sunset Vampire series), which is being sent to my editor this month (March). Hopefully, it can be released this summer (2015).
I'm changing gears immediately toward completing Bringer Unleashed (Book #2 in the Logan Bringer series), and I'm approximately 40% complete with it.
Many thanks for your continued patience and have a Happy Spring Break week!


(December 7, 2014) Despite the holiday hustle and bustle, I'm diligently writing on the manuscript for Sunset Rising (Sunset Vampire series, Book 5). I make no promises on a specific timeline for completion, however. Like George R.R. Martin who writes the Game of Thrones novels says, my novel will be complete when it's done, and not a moment sooner. That being said, I'm making marvelous progress. Best wishes to everyone during their holiday shopping...and reading!

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(October 4, 2014) I've been distracted recently with a host of obligations and special events, but I've returned to writing this weekend. I've missed it. I'm writing on both Bringer Unleashed and Sunset Rising.

Wow, the fall is already here, so my fingers better get busy!

(September 6, 2014)  My writing on the manuscript for Bringer Unleashed, the second novel in my Logan Bringer urban fantasy series, continues though I've been away from the keyboard to attend some recent events. I hope to return to the keyboard soon because I would like to complete the manuscript in time for an early 2015 release. *crossing my fingers*

Thanks for your continued patience!