The Frogs of Summer

[Legal use of this photo licensed and secured via Dreamstime - July 2014]

[Legal use of this photo licensed and secured via Dreamstime - July 2014]

I’m a big fan of frogs, especially Kermit the Frog, but that’s another thing altogether. Sure, they’re handy little critters for eating insects, but according to biologists they’re also an excellent source of gauging environmental impact to an ecosystem. Apparently, frogs and their behaviors react quickly to abrupt changes or contamination in their ecosystem, making them excellent to serve as “Nature’s Detectors.”

However, I’m also fascinated by the various body types and colors in the frog community. It’s true that many are quite alien-looking, but some are quite colorful and artistic looking while others are actually somewhat cute and endearing. Yes, it’s an unusual way to describe frogs, but hey, I have an affinity for them. They can actually evoke a sense of personality in a certain light.

Around my house, frogs are a common sight. Not only do I live across the street from a neighborhood pond (stocked with fish, though that’s another story for a different day), but I have a number of flowerbeds around my home which are very hospitable for frogs. They’re fun to watch and they help keep the bug population down around the house. I’ve noticed that the annual June bug infestation is much more manageable with frogs around.

Part of the soft spot in my heart for frogs was formed as a child via Kermit the Frog on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. However, that affinity carried on into adulthood, as well. A few years ago, I helped a small, ailing tree frog through the winter after he was caught in a freak ice storm early in the season. I put him in a small aquarium in my den and simulated his habitat, complete with a warming lamp and food such as crickets from the local pet shop. He appeared quite pleased and I released him back to the wild early the next spring. Needless to say, I felt really good about our time together.

Are you also an avid frog fan or supporter? Drop me a response, and if you have your own frog story, please share it with me.