Here, now…what’s all this about the holidays approaching? Already?


As I was putting away my Halloween costume and its related accessories – more about that in a moment – I was struck by the realization that we’re already well into the month of November, and I can’t seem to easily account for the passage of the past four weeks.

Can Thanksgiving truly be less than three weeks away? How did that happen?

Yes, time has once again gotten away with me, which is a disgraceful state of being for a Doctor Who super fan, wanna-be Timelord such as me. Seriously, I should feel embarrassed.

Doctor Who Eleventh about Jaz

 Ah, well. There it is.

Halloween came and went this year for me. Below is a photo of my Halloween costume this year.

Jaz's 2016 Halloween Costume was a Jedi Knight -- Obi-Jaz Kenobi

Jaz's 2016 Halloween Costume was a Jedi Knight -- Obi-Jaz Kenobi

I decided to embrace my inner Jedi. What can I say? It’s good timing, really. After all, there’s a new upcoming Star Wars film, Rogue One, coming out this December. And besides, I felt a tremor in the Force.

Have you been very busy lately? I certainly have. In fact, between my day job, evening history teaching, and a host of extra-curricular events going on in my life during the past few months, I’ve felt as if life is rather hectic right now. As such, I’m very happy that the holidays are swiftly approaching. Not only do I receive ample time off around the holidays (thank you, higher education employment!), I’m anticipating some fun celebratory times with friends and family. It will be a wonderful respite from the events of recent months, I can assure you.

Best of all, I plan to make time for creative writing! You see, I’m rather behind on my current projects. Between writing my next Sunset Vampire novel (Book 6, Sunset Burning) and my final book in the Logan Bringer urban fantasy trilogy (Bringer’s Law), as well as some other NEW projects that are brewing in my head, I’m full up on my “things to type about list.” And I hear the alarm on the internal writer’s clock in my head buzzing loudly from self-imposed deadlines that have long since passed. I can’t bear to think what many of my readers think of me right now.

Hopefully, they’ll still be patiently waiting for me once my writing projects are ready for release. That’s a writer’s frequent fear…that the readers will have forgotten about them once their work is ready for release day. Let’s face it, there are thousands of book published each year and only so many sets of eyes prepared to read them.

Oh, dear…I feel my heart palpitating over the notion.

Hurry, let’s talk about more pleasant things…such as the impending holidays!


One of my favorite holiday experiences that I anticipate each year is the movies and programs that have holiday themes and settings. For example, I enjoy rewatching each of the Doctor Who Christmas specials, as well as anticipating the new installment that releases each December.

Jaz YouTube Production - Doctor Who Chrismtas Specials 01.jpg

Do you have any favorite holiday movies or programs that are annual viewing pleasures in your home? Drop me a comment and let me know.

Also, I’m working diligently toward producing new YouTube videos. Please leave me a comment and let me know that topics or content you’d like for me to cover in upcoming YouTube videos. Thanks so much for your help with that.

Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.