Spring Break: The Best of Times

[Photo by Marilyn Barbone – Legal use licensed via Dreamstime - July 2015]

[Photo by Marilyn Barbone – Legal use licensed via Dreamstime - July 2015]

This is a marvelous week!

It’s Spring Break and one of the reasons that working in education is so satisfying and rewarding to me. Our local public schools and colleges are observing a full week of closure.

Free time…the best of gifts!

[Tabby and Patches -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2016 BY JAZ PRIMO]

[Tabby and Patches -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2016 BY JAZ PRIMO]

Above all, I’ve appreciated the additional time spent at home with my furry babies, Tabby and Patches. But a host of enjoyable activities ensued, as well.

On Monday, I sat on my covered patio reading a novel ("The Magicians: A Novel" by Lev Grossman, 2009) on my Kindle. The warm spring breeze wafted around me as I sipped iced tea and appreciated the nearly-ideal 80-degree ambient temperature. It was the best of times… My early evening aerobic walk was equally mesmerizing.

Tuesday brought the opportunity to catch up on errands, as well as some leisurely house cleaning while listening to recently purchased tunes on my iPhone. Which tunes? I recently purchased “Sly” by Massive Attack (2006), Transviolet’s “New Bohemia” (2015), “Spirits” by The Strumbellas (2016), The Neighborhood’s “Cry Baby” (2015), “The Hills” by The Weeknd (2015), and Joywave’s “Now” (2015). Afterward, I engaged in another aerobic walk. That evening, I caught up on programs queued up on my DVR, including Grimm, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham (this season’s “Rise of the Villains” theme is fantastic!), and back episodes of BBC America’s The Graham Norton Show (move over late night TV hosts…Graham is the real deal!). Yes, it was a nearly seven hour viewing marathon. Pass around the barrel of popcorn, anyone?

Wednesday was a day-long visit and eat-a-thon with extended family, including a sumptuous repast of freshly grilled hamburgers and BBQ chicken strips, homemade potato salad, home-baked German chocolate cake (a persona l birthday cake fav of mine!), and homemade guacamole (one of my specialties). For post-meal entertainment, we watched Minions (2015). Oh, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob…you’re the bombs!! It was a hilarious and totally endearing movie!

Today, I’m digging back into “The Magicians” novel and continue streaming a new Netflix produced series, Love, a true-to-life and reflective dramedy produced by Judd Apatow and starring the highly-talented Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust. As of the first two episodes, it’s very impressive so far. I might even throw in some backlogged dress shirt ironing. Oh, and I anticipate another satisfying aerobic walk, too.

What about Friday? Oh, it’s forecasted to be cloudy and overcast with temps in the mid-50s. It will be the PERFECT day for hot cocoa, Kindle reading on a comfy couch, and watching movies and TV shows. It’s destined to be yet another “best of times” occasion. Oh, and let’s not forget that season two of Daredevil drops on Netflix. More good times…

Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.