My Keyboard Beckons Against Spring’s Feverish Call

[Jaz's Keyboard -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2016 BY JAZ PRIMO]

[Jaz's Keyboard -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2016 BY JAZ PRIMO]

Spring is a wonderful time of renewal and excitement as warm sunny days and cool breezes coalesce with burgeoning greenery and blossoming flowers. For writers like me, nature’s call of rebirth and renewal is a powerful draw against the necessity of spending quality time at the keyboard. Oh and it definitely doesn’t help that season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones premieres this weekend.

Since spring began, I’ve experienced numerous obligations on my time, as well as opportunities for social activities and personal pursuits. While my social and personal engagements have proven immeasurably pleasurable, it nevertheless takes time away from the most important location for a writer: the keyboard. An author must always work toward the completion of their newest project, which requires dedicating regimented periods of time at the keyboard, intently focused upon development of characters and storylines. Social activities and engagements, as well as other enjoyments and pursuits, are satisfying, intoxicating, and healthy for a person’s development, but they don’t easily permit books to be written.

In my case, I’ve spent a great deal of time away from my keyboard and my active projects have suffered for it. Rest assured, I have rich content stewing away in my imagination, but I need the quality time at my keyboard to turn it into tangible, editable content. I have no less than three active works to complete, and I’m developing an entirely new setting for a future medieval fantasy trilogy. That means I need to dedicate far more time typing and far less time doing other things. Fans of my Sunset Vampire series are anxiously waiting for the sixth novel, Sunset Burning. Add to that, fans of my Logan Bringer urban fantasy series are hotly anticipating the third novel in the trilogy, Bringer’s Law. On top of that, I’m ready to delve into a standalone alternate history zombie novel set during the American Civil War. There are so many works and so little time.

As each year passes, I’m keenly aware that time is a valuable commodity and I must be selective in how I choose to spend it. One of my life’s greatest passions is being a writer, and I realize that I’ve neglected it over recent months. Granted, I’m one of those unfortunate authors who must work in a full-time career to keep the electricity on and food on my table. However, the time is nearer than ever before when I will be able to move beyond my current career and look to joining the ranks of full-time authors. While enjoying a career in higher education, as time passes, I long to be a full-time writer. That day will come.

In the near future, I at least need to spend more of my free time at the keyboard.

Don’t worry dear fans and readers, more novels are on the horizon for you. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait for long. As always, thank you for your continued support, patience, and encouragement.

Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.