The Time I Have Left

[Photo by Peter Gustafson. – Legal use licensed via Dreamstime - May 2016]

[Photo by Peter Gustafson. – Legal use licensed via Dreamstime - May 2016]

Why is it that epiphanies often take their sweet ass time appearing in your life? It makes me want to respond, “Hey, that’s profound. Where the hell have you been all these years?”

But then, epiphanies aren’t sentient, so it would be a moot point. But I digress…

This week, while sitting in a chair waiting to receive my haircut it occurred to me that I hadn't updated my web blog in quite some time. The truth is that lately I've been especially busy "living life" and I overlooked it. On top of that, I confess that my sense of guilt felt very low. To be frank, I'm really not sure how many people actually read my blog. Believe me, saying that isn't an attempt to garner sympathy from you, though if few people really are reading my blog, it would be of minimal solace anyway, right?

But back to my original point.

So, I was sitting in this comfortable waiting chair when I realized just how remarkably comfortable I felt. It was at that point that my mind entered a lull and began to blissfully wander. You know, that point where epiphanies and inspirations begin to appear.

A passing thought struck me. Namely, that at my current age, it's entirely likely that the number of years I have remaining on this planet are going to be less than the years I've already lived on it.

Though seemingly logical, that was nonetheless a sobering realization for me. Why? Well, I see myself as a youthful spirit, but even youthful thoughts and good health can't overcome nature's inevitable march of entropy.

I'm going to die someday whether I continue to be young at heart or not.

That's nothing macabre or's merely one of those facts of life. Or perhaps, death?

So, I considered that with the time that's left, it should be of paramount importance to me to live the life I want to lead, and not the one that in previous years I have felt the necessity to live.

Essentially, it's time to do things that are important to me and not the things that aren't.

For me, that means WRITING MORE STORIES to share with others. For me, creative writing is an opportunity to spend more quality time in my imagination with the host of wonderful characters who inhabit the wistful halls of my mind. And, believe me, it's a wonderful place to reside. In addition, it's spending more quality time with the people I love and who make a positive impact in my life.

Oh, yes, I must still go to work each week to earn a living that permits me to afford my pleasant diversions, feed my kitties (they both have healthy appetites, you see), and enjoy the benefits of things like groceries and electricity. But beyond that, the remainder of my free time needs to include the things that I truly feel like doing.

Unfortunately, that may mean writing fewer blog posts, if I don't feel like I have something interesting to say. [Like now, perhaps? Ha!]

If you're reading this, maybe drop me a response and let me know what you've decided to do with the time that YOU have left. I'd seriously like to know!

Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.