Romantic Relationships: Humanity's Twilight Zone

I Love You

I recently considered the merits of coupling.

(Full Disclosure: I'm happily single!)

However, in reflecting on the nature of human romantic relationships, I realized they are often strange and complex arrangements between two people. In fact, the dynamics between two people can be outright startling. Essentially, romantic relationships are humanity's Twilight Zone.

People are strange creatures, in general, but even more so when considering the dynamics of their romantic relationships. I've watched as people who were totally enamored with each other suddenly become mortal enemies. It's as if the term "I love you" is simply a reflection of devotion in a solitary moment in time. What people really mean is, "I feel that I love you right at this moment."

Yes, they're "in love" least, until they're not anymore. How very odd.

People are strange, just as the song by The Doors goes. (Wow! That's a pop reference from the distant came out the year I was born, in fact.)

Sorry, but I have to pause and pull up that tune on my iTunes library...

Thanks for waiting.

So, the state of relationships today should seem logical, really. People change over time, so why shouldn't their relationships, as well? I mean, most people are infatuated with something during the early stages of its discovery... TV shows, music, newly-discovered ice cream flavors, a trendy blend of coffee at Starbucks, etc. However, over time, people grow tired with those things...their feelings change and evolve (or perhaps, devolve?).

These days, it feels as if people cast off their relationships like changing a pair of overly-worn shoes. Even worse, at times, it's as if the shoes were serviceable, they merely grew tired of them.

Romantic relationships have become utterly disposable to the masses, by and large.

It's sort of scary to contemplate that reality. Still, people and societies change and evolve. This is merely where humanity is at a fixed point in its development. Conditions will inevitably change over time.

What do people want in a romantic relationship these days, anyway?

I can only shrug. I'm no expert.

Some people seek to be guided and influenced by another, while others seek a partner who they can influence or control in some form or fashion. Still others want an idealized equal partnership. (Though, in actuality, such relationships exhibit a constantly wavering spectrum of control or influence between the participants depending on the topic or circumstance.)

If the state of romance and relationships leaves you perplexed, or too intimidated to take part, there's always romance novels, right?

Romance novels are all the craze among a large subset of readers. For some, the reader vicariously seeks all of the passion and turbulence of whirlwind romantic experiences without ever sacrificing themselves to them in real life. For others, they escape the limitations of their own humdrum relationships for something more exciting and passionate, if only for a brief respite.

In the end, I'm happy there are romance novels. The current state of romance leaves me uninterested in the prospects of dating right now. I realize that it's much better (and healthier!) to be happily single than to be unhappily coupled.

What do you think about the state of relationships today? Drop me a line and let me know. I want to hear from you!'s a date. *wink*

Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.