The Dual Value of Taste and Smell



Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you lost your senses of taste and smell? Have you ever considered how important and valuable those senses are?

In answering both of those questions, I can say, "Yes!"

And I can't wait to get both of those senses returned to me...the sooner the better.

Three weeks ago, I came down with a heinous sinus infection. It was the worst case I've had in years, in fact. In addition to all the horrible aspects of suffering through a sinus infection, an unusual thing happened about two weeks into it.

I lost my senses of both smell and taste!

Look, I've the sort of strange little man who has, on occasion, lost my sense...common sense, sense of direction, sense of perspective, etc. However, I don't recall having lost my sense of smell and taste as a result of a sinus infection. Gads, but it's bloody terrible!

Dare I mention that having my ears plugging up over and over again only adds to the misery?

I've been "on the mend" for the most part for over a week now, and I'm only now (today, in fact) just beginning to receive a wee-bit of sense of smell...though only with pungent or strong scented odors, such as Clorox Lemon-fresh wipes, or fresh Orange-Peach-Mango juice. Regrettably, I don't have my sense of taste, except for an odd sensation now and again.

I tell you, this past week has been miserable between lingering congestion and coughing, and then the loss of my two valued senses. The process of eating is completely boring and unenticing when one loses both of those senses. On the up side, I've lost a few additional pounds of weight, bringing me to an enviable feather-weight status. However, that aside, I'd trade those four pounds back in for the return of my senses.

I did some research (yes, including "The Google") and discovered that this phenomenon is not as rare as I previously thought. Apparently, people often temporarily lose either, or both, of their senses of smell and taste as a result of prolonged sinus infections.

Eating is definitely a strange experience when things LOOK tasty but otherwise are completely tasteless and scent-less. The only pleasing aspect becomes the "feeling and texture" of food in your mouth, though it hardly brings the usual pleasure when eating a favorite comfort food such as a cheeseburger with French fries, or a 3 Musketeers candy bar. My usual go-to comfort food of salty, buttered popcorn still retained that satisfying crunchy quality while watching TV, though again, it was completely bland and scent-less.

And what about the sense of smell? How would I know if I smell "good" unless I can smell? I mean, a well-intentioned and honest friend can assist with that, but it's a bit unnerving to have to ask. As a vampire writer, I can tell you, every vampire mate wants to smell good for the special vampire in their life.

Well, perhaps I don't have a vampire mate...yet!...but I have two kitties, and I'd hate to make them endure a smelly owner. *winking*

My hope is that in the coming week, my two lost senses begin to return in strength, because: (1) I miss the hell out of them!, (2) a dear friend's wedding is coming up this weekend and I want to taste the wedding cake in all its glory, and (3) normal, healthy human beings are supposed to be able to smell and taste!

Have you ever lost your senses of smell or taste? If so, for how long?

Drop me a comment because I want to know what your personal experiences have been.

Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.