Jaz’s First Podcast Appearance

I recently experienced my very first podcast interview via Skype, and it was totally a blast. I’d never taken part in one before but have appreciated listening to them, so it was an exciting opportunity when I was recently invited to be part of an episode of Raz N Dark Podcast. I’m in episode 18 titled “Barely Legal.”

The Raz N Dark crew was very kind to me and each had a remarkable sense of humor that I felt right at home with, including everyone’s appreciation for Doctor Who, which I’m happy to say weighed heavily in the podcast. I think you’ll appreciate listening to the episode, though my introduction into the session doesn’t begin until approximately ten minutes into it. Still, these are very entertaining people and I’m confident that you’ll enjoy the entire podcast. Oh, and I was very pleased that our discussions were totally unscripted and lasted for well over half an hour or so, which made it doubly enjoyable for me. So many times during interviews you’re literally racing to have a quick discussion before being ushered off the show. But that wasn’t the case here, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Please listen to it and let me know what you think!

 Click on the following link to go to the podcast: Click Here