Ode to My Grandmother (1928 – 2015)

(Flowers.jpg -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2015 BY JAZ PRIMO)

(Flowers.jpg -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2015 BY JAZ PRIMO)

I’ve been offline for a short time. My grandmother, my mother’s mother – who I affectionately called Grandma – passed away this past Sunday. Her funeral was on Wednesday of this week, and I’m feeling rather melancholy. She’s been an influential mentor in my life since I was young boy. Her presence in my life was one of those blessings that seemed eternal. Oh, we all realize at some fundamental level that our time here on Earth is brief, but for someone who’s been in my life ever since I can remember, I’d become accustomed to her continued presence.

But time has caught up with me, and as each of us is one day destined, now she’s gone. I miss her already.

Grandma was very influential in my life; something that has made me not only the person who I am today, but someone I believe who she was proud of. She always supported me, and offered thoughtful advice or insights that were helpful. Even when I pursued my passion for fiction writing, despite her concessions that both paranormal romance and urban fantasy were well beyond her tastes, she supported me. She even kept a copy of my first vampire novel in her home and visible for most anyone to see. That meant a lot to me.

Though it has only been a week today since Grandma’s passing, I’m beginning to reflect upon her many wonderful qualities with appreciation and warmth rather than focus solely on her loss. And yet, I know that – deep inside of me – she’s alive as ever…still impacting my life and influencing me from my memories of her. Though I freely admit that grief is a process and I’m only in the early stages.

Warm thanks to my kind and caring friends and family who are steadfastly supporting me though this difficult time. Without you, I’d be overwhelmed right now. And for those of you who still have a grandmother or grandfather in your life, give them a call or go to visit them every so often. They’re not here forever, you know.