Jaz and the Great Kitten Rescue

This past Tuesday, I was out taking an aerobic walk in my neighborhood before it got too dark. It was cool and I was happily jamming to tunes through my earbuds, and life was great. On the walk back home, the sun had completely disappeared below the horizon and it was suddenly very dark. While walking past a home that was still under construction in a relatively deserted portion of my neighborhood, I spotted a small lump on the curb beside me. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was a cute little black & white kitten.

Stray Kitten 01

It just sat there, looking at me.

“Hello, little one. It’s late…you should run along home.”

I continued walking but got a strange sensation that caused me to look back over my shoulder. Some six feet behind me, the little kitten was limping and frantically trying to follow me.

I removed my ear buds and heard it “mewing” at me as it struggled along.

Something was obviously wrong, and this little kitten seemed in distress.

“Aw, you poor thing,” I said, picking it up and gently holding it in both my hands. As I cradled it next to me, it mewed more and nestled against my chest.

I gently carried it home to my front porch.

It teetered and appeared to favor its right rear leg.

I’m no veterinarian, but I know when an animal is in distress. I quickly retrieved some water and food, and it took to it as if it hadn’t seen any in quite some time. Then I procured a large, fluffy bath towel and made a small nest for it, which is gratefully climbed into. I even had to help it get its rear leg over the small ledge of towel wall. Poor thing…

Stray Kitten 02

I called a couple of friends who were “animal Jedi” and they advised me.

Then I transferred it to my garage so that it would have a safe, comfortable place to sleep. It ate and drank more and then nestled into its towel nest, which I placed over a thick rug for added comfort.

Stray Kitten 03

This little kitten was so very affectionate and friendly, and seemed to genuinely appreciate my ministrations. I was happy to help.

The next morning, I called my “animal Jedi” friend, Jessica, who helped refer me to a nearby veterinarian clinic that also specialized in cats. I managed to get an early appointment for it that morning, and took it in for examination. Everyone immediately fell in love with the little kitten.

Turns out that it is a 12 week old female, and it had worms and indication of fleas. I asked them to look at its leg and they took an x-ray. On top of everything, the little kitty also had…a broken pelvis! They said it would require surgery but not until it was closer to 6 months old, at which time they felt confident that it would have successful mobility following surgery.

Fortunately, the vet took things in order and began treating the kitty for its worms and fleas, and I asked them to apply any boosters required. They also began an immediate round-the-clock pain medication for the kitten.

Having no tag or embedded microchip, my neighborhood association finally sent out an email asking the addition residents if they had lost the kitten. Thus far, no takers.

I have since gone back to the vet to visit the kitten, which I named “Patches”, and it is much happier, as well as eating well. Also, it appears in much less discomfort. (See the photo of Patches below in her cage at the vet.)

Stray Kitten 04

That poor kitten has had such a hard early life, but I’ve decided that the least I can do is make this kitten’s remainder of its life safe and happy. She will be loved.

Soon, my kitty (Tabby) will have a sister and companion in the house to keep her company.

I’ll keep you posted on how things progress.

(Please also refer to my latest November 7th official YouTube video on the kitten at https://youtu.be/Q08Qr6RMQt8 )

My step-father always told me, “You don’t have control over everything that happens to you in life, but you always have control over how you choose to react to it.”

I choose to help a poor kitten in distress and show it what it’s like to feel loved.

Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.