Defining Oneself

[LEGAL USE OF THIS PHOTO LICENSED AND SECURED VIA DREAMSTIME - August 2016 -- Image by Tijanap - Man Thinking with Questions]

[LEGAL USE OF THIS PHOTO LICENSED AND SECURED VIA DREAMSTIME - August 2016 -- Image by Tijanap - Man Thinking with Questions]

Have you ever tried to define yourself using a mere handful of words?

As an ice-breaking effort to begin a dialogue with my history students, I offer them the opportunity to gain some bonus points simply for answering a few innocent questions, including describing themselves in only four words. I even encourage them by answering about myself as an example. I say: "Here’s me in a nutshell: I’m eclectic, kind, creative, and witty.”

However, after some reflection, I realize that four words just might not be enough. Instead, I'd have to include eccentric. Yes, I have an eccentric personality. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone who knows me personally. Yep...eccentric, they'll all agree. I mean, I'm not like Howard Hughes levels of eccentric.


Well, not for the most part, anyway. At least, I'm harmless; certainly not dangerous to myself or others. I recently watched Leonardo DiCaprio's depiction of Howard Hughes in the 2004 Academy Award-winning film, The Aviator. Yeah, I'm nothing like that guy.

I'm also not wealthy, which is a luxury that will purchase you the acceptance of a lot of eccentricity.

That being said, I'm not interested in taking in a roommate, either.

Let's just say that I'm eccentric enough that my only likely roommates for the remainder of my life are going to be a couple of cats. Of course, I'm not entirely uncomfortable with that prospect. I invite people over to socialize regularly, so it's not as if I'm a shut-in, reclusive type of fellow. Really, I keep a clean, neat, and orderly home. And I'm not ashamed to have visitors over. I like to entertain, actually.

I’m very at ease nowadays with the person that I am; including my quirks. So, living by myself is a relatively comfortable experience. Some people can't, or shouldn't, live alone. As for me, I've found it rather soothing. I have a highly stressful day-job, so it's nice to have a quiet place of my own to seek emotional refuge in after a long, hectic day (sometimes, week!) at work.

Okay, so right about now, you're thinking, "Uh-huh. What's wrong with him?"

Nothing dark or dangerous here. I don’t drink alcohol to excess, or do illicit drugs, or even partake tobacco products. If I have any addictions, they amount to caffeine, chocolate, and salty foods. So, on to things that might annoy others….my eccentricities.

I tend to like order around me at home. It helps me to compensate for the chaos and disorder surrounding my day-job, of which I have only minimal control or influence over. So, at home, I like to keep a clean kitchen and bathrooms, as well as a well-ordered bedroom. For example, I make my bed every day; it unsettles me to go to bed at night in an unmade bed. Due to back issues, I generally sleep with my knees slightly elevated when I sleep on my back, and with a pillow placed between my knees when I sleep on my side. It’s not conducive to cuddling, especially. Besides, I get warm so easily that cuddling would merely cause me to break out into a sweat after a time.

See? Not terribly crazed, yet annoying enough that few romantic partners might find me particularly enjoyable to sleep with. If I have one positive aspect, it’s that I’ve never been told that I snore regularly. But then, you’d have to ask my cats if that’s accurate today.

Any other issues? Well, for one, I tend to turn up the sound on my television (or in my home theater room) due to a growing hearing issue. As I get older, I have increasing trouble distinguishing words and dialogue when characters in shows/films mumble or talk softly. I can thank my years of service in the Air Force working around fighter jet aircraft for that increasingly annoying challenge. (Speaking of which, I’m a proud veteran, so no shade being cast on my military experience per my comments.) In fact, when I’m in and around large crowds or events with music playing around me, I practically have to read lips to understand what those near me are saying. Unfortunately, that sort of hearing loss isn’t one that can be fixed with traditional hearing aids, so I’m rather stuck with the issue until the science to regrow inner ear hair cells becomes mainstream accessible to me.

All this being said, I've had much success sharing a home with others in my past. Each of my previous two spouses found me to be an acceptable and stable house partner who was caring, supportive, and affectionate. I am also a good cook, and am regimented about doing dishes, laundry, and taking out the trash without being prompted. I believe those are each positive quality, and combined with love, make for a potentially successful marriage. In theory, at any rate. Love isn't always enough, you see. Each person has to determine what they’re willing to accept to maintain a relationship. Honestly, I can’t comprehend what it takes for two people to stay together in this day and age. Oh, sorry, you can read my July 2016 blog post by CLICKING HERE for more about that. No need to rehash it here.

Moving on...

Where were we? Oh, yes...what else is eccentric about me?

*thoughtfully tapping my chin*

Nah, nothing more for today. I'm good on this for now.

So, back to my original thought. How would YOU describe yourself in four or five words? Drop me a line and let me know. I'm curious to find out.

Until later, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.