Dark Oceans and Jaw-Dropping Sunsets

Dark Oceans and Jaw-Dropping Sunsets

I’ve always appreciated the soothing value of both oceans and sunsets.

The sounds of the surf  washing against the sandy beach is relaxing while hinting at the raw power of nature. Meanwhile, a sunset conjures the reflection of your day while signaling the promise of evening enjoyment.

However, let’s discuss an entirely different context for oceans and sunsets.

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Important News to Share! And it’s novel timing…

It’s wonderful seeing you again!

I have important and exciting news to share.

Sunset Rising by Jaz Primo

The 5th book in my paranormal romance Sunset Vampire series, SUNSET RISING, is being released on Tuesday, July 14, 2015, and it’s NOW available for pre-order in eBook format on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Additional purchase links are forthcoming, which will be posted on my books page at http://www.jazprimo.com/books/ located beneath the Sunset Rising description section. I’m confident you’re going to love my newest installment in the series!

Please help me spread the word about Sunset Rising by sharing the pre-order link with others. I genuinely appreciate your kind assistance.

Bringer Unleashed Coming Soon

 In addition, I have equally-exciting news about the 2nd book in my Logan Bringer urban fantasy series. BRINGER UNLEASHED will go to my editor, Laura, in July. The novel is tentatively scheduled for release this fall, just in time for the holidays. The novel has truly been a labor of love for me during the past two years, and I’m very happy with the completed manuscript. The newest installment picks up within weeks of the events from the first book, and quickly immerses you into Logan’s and Agent Sanders’ countdown to uncover the source of the terrorist threats and thwart them. The stakes have definitely been raised.

Please stay tuned for news regarding the upcoming cover reveal for Bringer Unleashed, as well as pre-order opportunities.

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Speaking of novels, how is your summer reading coming along? I hope that Sunset Rising made your list because its release is only a few weeks away. Stay tuned for a blog update on how my summer reading is coming along, as well.

In the meantime, enjoy life; be kind to those around you, and Happy Reading! Peace.

New Year’s Resolutions…or Revolutions?



Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015!

Wow, what happened to 2014? It feels like it was October just a few weeks ago. The days and weeks seem to fly by as time proceeds, doesn’t it?

(Tebby's New Year's Eve -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2014 BY JAZ PRIMO)

(Tebby's New Year's Eve -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2014 BY JAZ PRIMO)

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? My cat, Tabby, and I relaxed at home together. It was bitterly cold outside, so I remained toasty warm indoors. I also watched a Doctor Who marathon on BBC America, and later toasted the New Year with a bottle of Sweet Bitch Chardonnay wine (very tasty!). Today, we’re experiencing freezing rain and drizzle, so I’m happily spending New Year’s Day inside, as well.

(Sweet Bitch Chardonnay -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2014 BY JAZ PRIMO)

(Sweet Bitch Chardonnay -- PHOTO COPYRIGHT 2014 BY JAZ PRIMO)

Now that the New Year has arrived, tis the time for New Year’s resolutions. Frankly, I’ve never been much on them. Statistics show that most people who make resolutions rarely adhere to them for more than a few weeks or months before giving them up entirely. There are a number of reasons why. For some, their resolutions weren’t realistic. For others, it’s a matter of not mastering the art of self-discipline. For others, their hearts simply weren’t into it. Many times, the resolution wasn’t measurable; there was no defined way to establish milestones for success.

I believe that the key to a New Year’s resolution is not so much a resolution as a revolution.

If I want to make a permanent change in my life it’s got to be something that I’m committed to seeing to the very end. For me, that typically means it’s something that has affected me at an emotional and visceral level; something that stokes my passion for completion. In my experience, without passion, most things go unaccomplished or unfulfilled. Given that, did I make any commitments for personal resolutions in 2015?

The answer is yes. In fact, I have a number of objectives for 2015. The past year was rather challenging for me at a number of levels, the least of which involved a change in my publishing activities. Aside from the release of Sunrise at Sunset: Revamped – admittedly a major rewrite to the original novel – there weren’t any new material releases for me in 2014. I had hoped to release at least one new novel this past year, but it simply wasn’t in the cards. As such, I resolve that I shall release at least one new novel in 2015. Ah, but which one?

In 2015, you can expect to see the release of my fifth novel in my Sunset Vampire series, titled Sunset Rising. I’m excited about that! How about you? In addition, I plan to complete the manuscript for my long-awaited second installment in my Logan Bringer series. Bringer Unleashed will continue Logan Bringer’s search for the mysterious source of terrorists with extra-ordinary abilities like himself. So far, I’m very happy with the storyline and character developments. I know that you’ll be just as excited as me to see its release!

Have you considered any New Year’s resolutions yet? Leave a comment and let me know what yours are!

Wintry November Bliss – or -- Avoiding the Holiday Pre-Sales Pandemonium

(A Wintry November Day -- Photo Copyright 2014 by Jaz Primo)

(A Wintry November Day -- Photo Copyright 2014 by Jaz Primo)

I particularly adore a cold winter-like November day.

Today is one of those days, complete with blowing snow flurries that melt onto the pavement but stick to the newly dormant grass. Ah, I feel very happy as I sit inside all warm and toasty and sipping on a steaming mug of hot cocoa while gazing out through my picture window. It’s moments such as these when the holidays come alive in beautiful and wondrous ways.

It is moments such as these when I’m not only feeling my happiest but also most contented. These are the truly lovely moments in life worth savoring.

Today, I’m remaining indoors to write on Sunset Rising, the fifth novel in my Sunset Vampire series. I’m also getting a head start on my Christmas shopping, including some gifts for myself. (Those are gifts from my cat, Tabby, of course. She said to order an item or two from my Christmas list. She’s so very kind. If only she had her own credit card and bank account…)

(Tabby the Cat in her Perch -- Photo Copyright 2014 by Jaz Pimo)

(Tabby the Cat in her Perch -- Photo Copyright 2014 by Jaz Pimo)

Tabby’s also appreciating the cold weather from the safe, warm interior of our home. You may notice in the photo that she’s comfortably lounging in the basket of her cat tree that I recently assembled for her. She’s really enjoying that cat tree of hers. I’m so happy that she likes it.

(Tabby's Cat Tree -- Photo Copyright 2014 by Jaz Primo)

(Tabby's Cat Tree -- Photo Copyright 2014 by Jaz Primo)

 Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Thankfully, I have my list mostly completed, so I’m already beginning my purchases. Have you noticed how retailers are starting their online Christmas sales earlier and earlier each year? I recently heard on a world news report that retailers expect the weekend before Thanksgiving to be as busy as the typical Black Friday and Cyber Monday following Thanksgiving. In addition, more and more stores are opening earlier on that actual Thanksgiving Day either during the morning or by mid-day. Radio Shack opens at 8am on Thanksgiving morning. *pausing* Though I honestly don’t have a clue what I might need from them. Perhaps a spare set of batteries? *shrugging* I dunno…

One thing is for certain: I won’t be out fighting the crowds on Black Friday. For those of you who will, may the Goddess rest your souls and protect you. By contrast, I plan to be at home watching either some college football games or streaming some movies or Doctor Who episodes.

Interstellar Film

Have you seen the movie Interstellar yet? It’s really good! The storyline was compelling and engaging, and Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain all did an excellent job with their roles, as well as the amazing supporting cast. The special effects were out of this world (pun intended) and the depiction of a black hole was impressive. I give it five stars and two thumbs up. It’s a must-see that I highly recommend. I particularly appreciate the manner in which the writers took the time to develop the situation on Earth and present the characters in a multi-dimensional manner without rushing either. It made for a much more immersive and sympathetic audience experience. Way to go, Christopher Nolan…you did it again!

 How are you preparing for the upcoming holidays? I’d like to hear from you, so enter a comment and let me know.